Implementing Real-Time Multi-Agent Systems with the jTRASTO Toolkit
Martí Navarro, Vicente Botti, and Vicente Julian
  View Composition in Multi-Agent Architectures
Nelis Boucke and Tom Holvoet
  Information-Based Agency
Carles Sierra and John Debenham
  Targeted Search in Coalition Structures
Ana L. C. Bazzan and Silvio R. Dahmen
  A Coherence Based Framework for Institutional Agents
Sindhu Joseph, Carles Sierra, and Marco Schorlemmer
  Assesing the Effectivity of TRSIM Model for Trust and Reputation
Alberto Caballero, Juan A. Botía, and Antonio F. Gómez-Skarmeta
  Anytime Optimal Coalition Structure Generation
Talal Rahwan, Sarvapali D. Ramchurn, Viet D. Dang, Andrea Giovannucci, and Nicholas R. Jennings
  Semantic Alignment of Agent Interactions through the Communication Product
Manuel Atencia and Marco Schorlemmer
  On the Emotional Aspects of an Electronic Commerce Multi-Agent Platform
Nicolae Jascanu, Severin Bumbaru, and Veronica Jascanu
  A Comparison of Algorithms for Task Allocation in RoboCup Rescue
Felipe S. Boffo, Paulo Roberto Ferreira Jr., and Ana L. C. Bazzan
  Living Design: Simulation for Self-Designing Agents
Sylvain Lemouzy, Carole Bernon, and Marie-Pierre Gleizes
  Asynchronous Breadth-First Search DisCOP Algorithm
Redouane Ezzahir, Christian Bessiere, El Houssine Bouyakhf, Imade Benelallam, and Mustapha Belaissaoui
  Anticipatory Vehicle Routing using Delegate Multi-Agent Systems
Danny Weyns, Alexander Helleboogh, and Tom Holvoet
  The Agent Environment in Multi-Agent Systems: A Middleware Perspective
Danny Weyns, Alexander Helleboogh, Tom Holvoet, and Michael Schumacher
  A Clustering Protocol for Team Formation Based on Concept, Location, and Time
Arne Schuldt and Sven Werner
  Organisational Artifacts and Agents For Open Multi-Agent Organisations: "Giving the power back to the agents''
Rosine Kitio, Olivier Boissier, Jomi Fred Hübner, and Alessandro Ricci
  Automated Continuous Testing of Multi-Agent Systems
Cu D. Nguyen, Anna Perini, and Paolo Tonella
  A Common Basis for Agent Organisation in BDI Languages
Anthony Hepple, Louise Dennis, and Michael Fisher
  Performance Evaluation of Multiagent Systems: Communication Criterion
Faten Ben Hmida, Wided Lejouad Chaari, and Moncef Tagina
  Winner Determination for Mixed Multi-unit Combinatorial Auctions via Petri Nets
Andrea Giovannucci, Jesus Cerquides, J.A. Rodriguez-Aguilar, and Ulle Endriss
  Secure Migration of Mobile Agents based on Distributed Trust
Martijn Warnier, Michel Oey, Reinier Timmer, and Frances Brazier
  Design of a Secure and Decentralized Location Service for Agent Platforms
B.J. Overeinder, M.A. Oey, R.J. Timmer, R. van Schouwen, E. Roozendaal, and F.M.T. Brazier
  Modelling Synchronization of Traffic Lights as a DCOP
Robert Junges and Ana L.C. Bazzan
  Virtual Lanes Interest for Motorcycles Simulation
Laëtitia Bonte, Stéphane Espie, and Philippe Mathieu
  A Methodology for Developing Multiagent Systems as 3D Electronic Institutions
A. Bogdanovych, M. Esteva, S. Simoff, C. Sierra, and H.Berger
  Teamwork Coordination for the Vehicle Routing Problem
Matteo Vasirani and Sascha Ossowski
  Constraint Relaxation to Reduce Brittleness in Agent Interaction Protocol
M Fadzil Hassan, Dave Robertson, and Chris Walton
  Plan Coordination for Durative Tasks
J. Renze Steenhuisen and Cees Witteveen
  VCG-based Truthful Mechanisms for Social Task Allocation
Yingqian Zhang and Mathijs de Weerdt
  Intelligent Agents in Serious Games
Gustavo Aranda, Carlos Carrascosa, and Vicente Botti
  Service Discovery and Composition in Multiagent Systems
Elena del Val Noguera and Miguel Rebollo Pedruelo
  Supporting Experimentation for Trust Models in Virtual Organizations: TOAST
Ramón Hermoso, Roberto Centeno, Holger Billhardt, and Sascha Ossowski
  Operating System Aware Multiagent Platform Design
Juan M. Alberola, Luis Mulet, Jose M. Such, Ana Garcia-Fornes, Agustin Espinosa, and Vicent Botti
  Agent-Based Framework for Web Service Composition
Soufiene Lajmi, Chirine Ghedira, and Khaled Ghedira
  Cognition in Information Evaluation: The Effect of Reputation in Decisions Making and Learning Strategies for Discovering Good Sellers in a Base Market
Walter Quattrociocchi and Mario Paolucci
  Agent Model for Distributed Program Supervision Systems
Naoufel Khayati, Wided Lejouad-Chaari, Sabine Moisan, and Jean-Paul Rigault
  Controlling Emotions by Changing Friends
Paolo Turrini, John-Jules Ch.Meyer, and Cristiano Castelfranchi
  Model Driven Engineering for Designing Adaptive
Sylvain Rougemaille, Frédéric Migeon, Christine Maurel, and Marie-Pierre Gleizes
  Model Checking Security Protocols: A Multiagent Systems Approach
A. Lomuscio and W. Penczek
  Toward a Modular Architecture of Argumentative Agents to Compose Services
Maxime Morge, Jarred McGinnis, Stefano Bromuri, Francesca Toni, Paolo Mancarella, and Kostas Stathis
  On Applying the PROSA Reference Architecture in Multi-Agent Manufacturing Control Applications
Paul Verstraete, Bart Saint Germain, Karuna Hadeli, Paul Valckenaers, and Hendrik Van Brussel
  A Collective Intelligence Approach for the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem
Besma Zeddini, Adnan yassine, Moncef Temani, and Khaled Ghedira
  A Comparison of Distributed and Centralised Agent Based
Peter Gradwell and Julian Padget
  A Metamodel and Implementation Platform for Holonic Multi-Agent Systems
Massimo Cossentino, Nicolas Gaud, Stéphane Galland, Vincent Hilaire, and Abderrafiâa Koukam
  Offline Emergence Engineering For Agent Societies
Michael Zapf and Thomas Weise
  Bilateral Agent Negotiation With Information-Seeking
Adil Hussain and Francesca Toni
  An Architecture for Rationally Bounded Agents in Multi-Agent Systems
Gustavo Kuhn Andriotti
  The Agent Systems Methodology (ASEME): A Preliminary Report
Nikolaos Spanoudakis and Pavlos Moraitis
  Evaluating Communication Strategies in a Multi Agent Information Retieval System
David Lillis, Rem Collier, Fergus Toolan, and John Dunnion
  Towards Integrating Agents with Objects Tracing Systems in AmI
Sameh Abdel-Naby, Paolo Giorgini, and Raian Ali
  An Intelligent Plan Selection Model for BDI Frameworks
K. Umut Sargut and Stephen M. Thebaut
  Adapting PASSI to Support a Goal Oriented Approach: a Situational Method Engineering Experiment
Valeria Seidita, Massimo Cossentino, and Salvatore Gaglio